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Our products can be ordered online at any time. To place an order, simply fill in the online purchase form and the registration information detailing the use of the icons will be sent to you immediately via e-mail.
Product price List
Product Price Purchase Product Price Purchase
One ready icon $1.00 Online IconLover $49.95 Online
Windows Toolbar Icons $129.00 Online Network Icon Library $129 Online
Financial Icon Library $129 Online Military Icon Set $99.00 Online
Large Icons for Vista $129.00 Online Multimedia Icons for Vista $99.00 Online
Basic Icons for Vista $99.00 Online People Icons for Vista $99.00 Online
Messenger Icons for Vista $99.00 Online Smile Icon Set $64.00 Online
Phone Icon Library $99.00 Online Transport Icons for Vista $99.00 Online
Business Icons for Vista $99.00 Online Travel Icon Set $99.00 Online
Medical Icons for Vista $129.00 Online Blog Icons for Vista $79.00 Online

Bundle price list
Products Cost Discount Purchase
ArtIcons + ArtCursors $59.90 $49.90 $10.00  Order
ArtIcons Pro + ArtCursors $79.90 $55.90 $24.00  Order
ArtIcons + ArtCursors + Icon to Any $79.85 $54.85 $25.00  Order
ArtIcons + ArtCursors + Icon to Any + Any to Icon $99.80 $59.80 $40.00  Order
ArtIcons Pro + ArtCursors + Icon to Any + Any to Icon $119.80 $69.80 $50.00  Order
ArtIcons Pro + Toolbar Icon Set $138.95 $109.00 $29.95  Order
IconLover + Business Icon Set + Toolbar Icon Set $247.95 $199.00 $48.95  Order
IconUtils + Graphic Icon Set $158.95 $109.00 $49.95  Order
Business Icon Set + Toolbar Icon Set $198.00 $149.00 $49.00  Order
Business Icon Set + Database Icon Set $198.00 $149.00 $49.00  Order
Security Icon Set + E-mail Icon Set $118.00 $99.00 $19.00  Order
Business Icon Set + Toolbar Icon Set + Database Icon Set + Money Icon Set + Classic Hardware Icon Set + Graphic Icon Set + E-mail Icon Set + Online Icon Set + Security Icon Set + Transport Icon Set $685.90 $169.00 $516.90  $169
All icons from 777icons.com $399.00  $399
Custom development, icon design and special orders are available on request.
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If you've made a payment but have not received a confirmation letter and registration key within a reasonable amount of time (two hours for credit card payments or two weeks for other payments), please notify us via e-mail at supportaha-soft.com. Please note that a delay could mean that the e-mail address given provided on your order form is invalid (due to misspelling, etc.). We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these delays.