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Network Audit ico
Network Audit Icon
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Choosing The Correct Image Format For Your Icons.

There are several image file formats that could be put to use for storing images and for a relatively raw web creator this can quickly lead to a big issue because you will need to know how to incorporate a specific image format, given below is a look at the benefits and issues of some commonly used file formats.

If you are interested in graphic making or would like to create pictorial depictions for your site, it is crucial to find out more about the different file formats and their features so that you can utilize the correct format for an image. Among the most popular formats for graphics are GIF, JPEG and PNG, each one of these formats is known to have its own merits so lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing these formats, the type of image format that would meet the expectations your site and optimizing your icons for the web usage.

GIF: It is short for Graphics Interchange Format; the format is one of the most commonly used file types. The popularity of this format can be attributed image size that is very small which makes uploading a breeze. Unlike JPEG, data is not lost in this image format which means you will be able to save the graphic at just a few bytes and without messing the image quality. Since GIF supports transparency in graphics, it is the most appropriate formats for web graphic designing. Unlike the other image formats, scope for animation is also possible in GIF. If you wish to optimize a GIF file, it is necessary to limit the file size; it is recommended that you pick a 32 color palette to achieve the least possible size.

JPEG: This is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group; the file format is commonly known as JPG and is often seen for online graphics. One of the primary pros of utilizing this type of image is that you will be able to store the images in true color that offers you as many as 16 million colors; this renders the image type appropriate for storing photographs and graphics that have vast color work. One of the issues of using JPG is the loss of details that will have to be tackled each time the image is stored; this points to the fact that the image is prone to blurriness and many information may be lost. Unlike the GIF format, transparency is not possible in this file type. If you are utilizing an advanced image editing program like the Adobe Photoshop, you will have the liberty to choose the quality and the image file size but it is important to realize that a lower resolution will mean a small size, which is convenient to upload.

PNG: Is stands for Portable Network Graphics and is a fairly new file format. This format is offered in two versions types; PNG-8 which offers 8 bit color format and the PNG-24 which uses 24 color graphics. PNG-8 can curtail the size images with wonderful detail and without the customary loss of details experienced in GIF files; this results in better quality pictures and quick uploads. But, PNG-24 is not as efficacious as JPG when you need to save photographs and other images that require a more detailed color palette. The format is not limited by loss; this means that the picture retains its quality and clarity. PNG-24 supports transparency and you can utilize different levels of of the feature in this image type. In this format the graphics are professional looking because they do not have the tell tale jagged edges when inserted against a contrasting background like GIF files.

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Transport Icon Set Transport Icon Set. A collection of colorful and distinctive icons depicting all transport types for the transport and tourist industries.

Accounting Development Icons Enhance an accounting project or financial application with appealing graphics. Accounting Development Icons illustrate numerous concepts and symbols associated with accounting and finance, such as currencies, financial symbols, files, customers, and more.

Sport Icons Sport Icons is a new library of well-crafted colorful icons representing various of sport and competitions. It contains icons as chess, fitness, skate-boarding, basketball, football, dancing, tennis and others.

Standard Admin Icons Developing a software for system administrators, making a network utility or developing an online log file analyzer? Enhance any software with a set of Standard Admin Icons by Aha-Soft!

Medical Icon Set Icons for medicine and chemistry: ambulance car, snake cup, pill, tablet, tooth, phial, syringe, test-tube, skull, bones, molecules and others.