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Develop military games or action Web sites fasters with Military Icon Set! Including images such as Aim icon, Arrow icon, Maps icon, Dragon and Alert icons, Military Icon Set is ready to enhance games and Web sites dedicated to army and weapon systems.

16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, and 256x256 pixel resolutions are included. 256-color and semi-transparent True Color versions are provided. All icons come in GIF, PNG, BMP, and Windows Icon (ICO) formats, with optional vector sources available in 3DS Max format for a fee. The entire set costs $99.00, with individual icons available for $1 each.

Military Icon Set

Army icons
Army SH icons
Army SH
Soldier icons
Soldier SH icons
Soldier SH
General icons
General SH icons
General SH
Medic icons
Medic SH icons
Medic SH
RPG launcher icons
RPG launcher
RPG launcher SH icons
RPG launcher SH
Spy icons
Spy SH icons
Spy SH
Motor mechanic icons
Motor mechanic
Motor mechanic SH icons
Motor mechanic SH
Doctor icons
Doctor SH icons
Doctor SH
Anti-rockets icons
Anti-rockets SH icons
Anti-rockets SH
Hammer gun carrier icons
Hammer gun carrier
Hammer gun carrier SH icons
Hammer gun carrier SH
Tank icons
Tank SH icons
Tank SH
Howitzer icons
Howitzer SH icons
Howitzer SH
Cannon icons
Cannon SH icons
Cannon SH
Old cannon icons
Old cannon
Old cannon SH icons
Old cannon SH
Weapon icons
Weapon SH icons
Weapon SH
Rifle icons
Rifle SH icons
Rifle SH
Gun icons
Gun SH icons
Gun SH
Missile icons
Missile SH icons
Missile SH
Mortar launcher icons
Mortar launcher
Mortar launcher SH icons
Mortar launcher SH
Atomic bomb icons
Atomic bomb
Atomic bomb SH icons
Atomic bomb SH
Aerial bomb icons
Aerial bomb
Aerial bomb SH icons
Aerial bomb SH
Panzer icons
Panzer SH icons
Panzer SH
Gun carriage icons
Gun carriage
Gun carriage SH icons
Gun carriage SH
Boat icons
Boat SH icons
Boat SH
Aeroplane icons
Aeroplane SH icons
Aeroplane SH
Aircraft icons
Aircraft SH icons
Aircraft SH
Awacs icons
Awacs SH icons
Awacs SH
Star wars icons
Star wars
Star wars SH icons
Star wars SH
Space probe icons
Space probe
Fire icons
Fire SH icons
Fire SH
Nuclear explosion icons
Nuclear explosion
Nuclear explosion SH icons
Nuclear explosion SH
Armor icons
Armor SH icons
Armor SH
Shield icons
Shield SH icons
Shield SH
Binoculars icons
Binoculars SH icons
Binoculars SH
Alert icons
Alert SH icons
Alert SH
Antenna icons
Antenna SH icons
Antenna SH
Radar icons
Radar SH icons
Radar SH
Aim icons
Aim SH icons
Aim SH
Lab icons
Lab SH icons
Lab SH
First aid icons
First aid
First aid SH icons
First aid SH
Hospital icons
Hospital SH icons
Hospital SH
Medicine icons
Medicine SH icons
Medicine SH
Medal icons
Medal SH icons
Medal SH
Awards icons
Awards SH icons
Awards SH
Arrow icons
Arrow SH icons
Arrow SH
Arrows icons
Arrows SH icons
Arrows SH
Sword icons
Sword SH icons
Sword SH
War icons
War SH icons
War SH
Flags icons
Flags SH icons
Flags SH
Dragon icons
Dragon SH icons
Dragon SH
Maps icons
Maps SH icons
Maps SH
Inventory icons
Inventory SH icons
Inventory SH
Bullet icons
Bullet SH icons
Bullet SH
Ammunition icons
Ammunition SH icons
Ammunition SH
Shell icons
Shell SH icons
Shell SH
Helmet icons
Helmet SH icons
Helmet SH
Map-case icons
Map-case SH icons
Map-case SH
Red button icons
Red button
Red button SH icons
Red button SH
Copy icons
Copy v2 icons
Copy v2
Cut icons
Paste icons
Paste v2 icons
Paste v2
Preview icons
Print icons
Print preview icons
Print preview
Magnifier icons
Magnifier SH icons
Magnifier SH
Redo icons
Undo icons
Refresh icons
Save icons
Save v2 icons
Save v2
Floppy disk icons
Floppy disk
Floppy disk SH icons
Floppy disk SH
Document icons
Document SH icons
Document SH
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 Purchase this icon set for $99.00 now!

You can also buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually. Please contact us with the icon names you wish to purchase and we will process your order immediately. (Note: Minimum purchase is 2 icons.)

All of the icons above are available in the following image formats:

Military Icons

Military Icons - Example

Army / War Icons for Military Games and Websites

If you are making a military game, using army icons is a great idea. You would be able to give your game a unique and fresh look by using the various army /war icons and military icons.

Military and army games have always been a major attraction for people around the world. The world of gaming is making loads of money and most of this money comes from games involving action and wars. Similarly online games and army games on websites are very famous amongst users. In order to give the games better graphics and better looks, manufacturers prefer using unique and new military icons and war icons.

These icons give a unique look to your game and help the users understand the game in a better way. Weapon icons help the users understand what kind of a weapon is being talked about. A large number of companies make army icons like arrow icons, tank icons, armor icons, star wars icons, alert icons, map icons, missile icons and other army icons that can be used in games and websites.

If you are looking to make a military game, these icons are very helpful in giving your game a unique look. Similarly if websites use unique icons, they have a better chance of being crawled by the search engine spiders. You can also have various icons designed by placing an order with a company that designs icons. You can use your own imagination and explain the design to the designers.

There are many companies that design these icons. You can select from a large number of icons. If you search over the internet, you would come across a number of such companies. However you should make sure that the company offers a good price on these icons. You can get in touch with various freelance designers and ask them for a quote as well. Once you have these icons with you, you can use them in your game to depict the idea that you want to portray.

Military icons and army/war icons are available in various resolutions. The crystal clear look of these icons would give your website an edge over other similar websites. These icons can be purchased in sets or individually. If you purchase these icons individually, you would have to pay a higher price. Use of unique icons is becoming popular with every passing day and if you are making software or a game or a website, you should always consider using these icons. Not only do these icons give your website look well but also invite more traffic to it.

war icon

Individual Ready Icons

You can buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

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