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Windows 7 Icons. Basic Icons Like the Copy Icon, the Paste Icon, and Undo Icon you can Use with Ease

Basic Icons for Vista come in all popular formats and sizes, so you'll certainly find the one suiting your needs. These adorable icons come in two versions: casting a shadow or without it. The icons are delivered in sizes 16x16 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and also 256x256 used for Windows Vista and Windows 7. The icons come in two color variants: 256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency. They also have several file formats, such as ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP.
Cut icons
Cut SH icons
Cut SH
Copy icons
Copy SH icons
Copy SH
Paste icons
Paste SH icons
Paste SH
Save file icons
Save file
Save file SH icons
Save file SH
Save all icons
Save all
Save all SH icons
Save all SH
Undo icons
Undo SH icons
Undo SH
Redo icons
Redo SH icons
Redo SH
Refresh icons
Refresh SH icons
Refresh SH
Update icons
Update SH icons
Update SH
Folder icons
Folder SH icons
Folder SH
Recycle bin icons
Recycle bin
Recycle bin SH icons
Recycle bin SH
Full recycle bin icons
Full recycle bin
Full recycle bin SH icons
Full recycle bin SH
Search icons
Search SH icons
Search SH
Zoom icons
Zoom SH icons
Zoom SH
Zoom in icons
Zoom in
Zoom in SH icons
Zoom in SH
Zoom out icons
Zoom out
Zoom out SH icons
Zoom out SH
Print icons
Print SH icons
Print SH
Computer icons
Computer SH icons
Computer SH
Calculator icons
Calculator SH icons
Calculator SH
Phone icons
Phone SH icons
Phone SH
About icons
About SH icons
About SH
Info icons
Info SH icons
Info SH
Question icons
Question SH icons
Question SH
Query icons
Query SH icons
Query SH
Warning icons
Warning SH icons
Warning SH
OK icons
OK SH icons
Yes icons
Yes SH icons
Yes SH
Apply icons
Apply SH icons
Apply SH
Add icons
Add SH icons
Add SH
Delete icons
Delete SH icons
Delete SH
Erase icons
Erase SH icons
Erase SH
Remove icons
Remove SH icons
Remove SH
Problem icons
Problem SH icons
Problem SH
Disaster icons
Disaster SH icons
Disaster SH
Repair icons
Repair SH icons
Repair SH
Abort icons
Abort SH icons
Abort SH
Stop icons
Stop SH icons
Stop SH
Cancel icons
Cancel SH icons
Cancel SH
No icons
No SH icons
No entry icons
No entry
No entry SH icons
No entry SH
Close icons
Close SH icons
Close SH
Turn off icons
Turn off
Turn off SH icons
Turn off SH
Back icons
Back SH icons
Back SH
Forward icons
Forward SH icons
Forward SH
Credit cards icons
Credit cards
Credit cards SH icons
Credit cards SH
Dollar icons
Dollar SH icons
Dollar SH
Price-list icons
Price-list SH icons
Price-list SH
Lock icons
Lock SH icons
Lock SH
Unlock icons
Unlock SH icons
Unlock SH
Open lock icons
Open lock
Open lock SH icons
Open lock SH
Access key icons
Access key
Access key SH icons
Access key SH
Keys icons
Keys SH icons
Keys SH
Handshake icons
Handshake SH icons
Handshake SH
Users folders icons
Users folders
Users folders SH icons
Users folders SH
New document icons
New document
New document SH icons
New document SH
Text document icons
Text document
Text document SH icons
Text document SH
Binary data icons
Binary data
Binary data SH icons
Binary data SH
List icons
List SH icons
List SH
Report icons
Report SH icons
Report SH
Reports icons
Reports SH icons
Reports SH
Table icons
Table SH icons
Table SH
Tables icons
Tables SH icons
Tables SH
Notes icons
Notes SH icons
Notes SH
Properties icons
Properties SH icons
Properties SH
Book icons
Book SH icons
Book SH
Help icons
Help SH icons
Help SH
Address book icons
Address book
Address book SH icons
Address book SH
Mail icons
Mail SH icons
Mail SH
Write e-mail icons
Write e-mail
Write e-mail SH icons
Write e-mail SH
Message icons
Message SH icons
Message SH
Database icons
Database SH icons
Database SH
3d graph icons
3d graph
3d graph SH icons
3d graph SH
3d bar chart icons
3d bar chart
3d bar chart SH icons
3d bar chart SH
Pie chart icons
Pie chart
Pie chart SH icons
Pie chart SH
Delivery icons
Delivery SH icons
Delivery SH
Gear icons
Gear SH icons
Gear SH
Red gear icons
Red gear
Red gear SH icons
Red gear SH
Settings icons
Settings SH icons
Settings SH
Options icons
Options SH icons
Options SH
Recycling icons
Recycling SH icons
Recycling SH
Shield icons
Shield SH icons
Shield SH
Tip of the day icons
Tip of the day
Tip of the day SH icons
Tip of the day SH
Feather icons
Feather SH icons
Feather SH
Time icons
Time SH icons
Time SH
History icons
History SH icons
History SH
Schedule icons
Schedule SH icons
Schedule SH
Volume icons
Volume SH icons
Volume SH
Music icons
Music SH icons
Music SH
Energy icons
Energy SH icons
Energy SH
Web icons
Web SH icons
Web SH
Home page icons
Home page
Home page SH icons
Home page SH
Logout icons
Logout SH icons
Logout SH
Home icons
Home SH icons
Home SH
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All of the icons above are available in the following image formats:

Basic Vista Icons with Undo Icon

Basic Vista Icons - Example

Windows 7 icons are basic icons including the copy icon, the paste icon, and the undo icon that you can download for your computer. Downloading the basic Windows 7 icons will help make your new Windows 7 look familiar, making it easier to use while still looking great.

Windows 7 is a wonderful operating system. Since using the software is such a wonderful experience, you might as well make it visually gratifying as well. One of the ways you can do this is by creating an excellent backdrop for your screen, another way to make looking at your computer screen visually stimulating is to make sure you have lovely and basic icons on your computer screen

There are several Windows 7 icons that you can choose from that will have people begging to use your computer. As you can see there are several wonderful windows 7 icons you can download.

The Purpose of Icons

The reason you need icons is so that you can save time while you are working on your computer. When you point your cursor over an icon, such as the undo icon, and click, the computer will perform the task you want. In the case of the undo icon, your computer will undo the last thing you did. If you didn't have the undo icon on your computer, you would have to hit ctrl+z each time you wanted to undo the steps. It might not seem like an undo icon would save you much time, but try making several mistakes that you would like to change and try hitting ctrl+z each time, you'll quickly learn that not only does the icon save you a second of time, it also helps keep your mind on your task and off what your fingers are doing on the keyboard.


Getting a new computer or just updating your operating system is daunting, everything feels unfamiliar. The icons don't look like their old ones, and they are never quite sure that how their computer is going to respond when they hit something like the copy icon-will the copy icon actually copy what you want, or will it make a copy of the icon. When the icons don't look familiar, it can take a long time to get comfortable with your updated software. Windows 7 icons are designed to make the transition from Windows XP or Windows Vista easier. The downloadable icons look like the ones you have been using your entire life.


One of the things we have learned is that everyone is unique with different needs. When designing the Windows 7 Icons we tried to accommodate your personal tastes. Icons such as the paste icon and copy icon can be downloaded in a variety of sizes. In addition to selecting the size icon that best suits your needs, you can also choose a Windows 7 icon that appears solid in color, or semi-transparent basic icons.

icons for Windows 7

Individual Ready Icons

You can buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

 Icon Usage Agreement Icon Business Icons for Vista. A collection of all-purpose icons with various symbols for the business environment for use with your software or on your website.

Icon Windows Toolbar Icons. A collection of practical and eye catching icons representing all basic operations required for surfing the internet or using various applications.

Icon Transport Icons for Vista. A collection of colorful and distinctive icons depicting all transport types for the transport and tourist industries.

Icon Multimedia Icons for Vista. This set of multimedia icons allows you to design software that looks and feels right on standard and High Definition displays in Windows Vista.

Icon Phone Icon Library includes icons that represent typical symbols and actions that are often used in telecommunications development.

Icon IconLover allows you to design and edit all kinds of graphics required in the software development cycle, including icons, static and animated cursors and interface elements - all these graphics can now be designed in a single application.