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Icons for Windows 7 and Vista

18 icon collections

3200 unique icon designs

3615 icons

36150 icon images

57840 image files

PNG, BMP, ICO, GIF formats

Compatible with Windows 7 and XP

Get these icons immediately after placing your order

Save on ordering custom design

Get your graphics done on time, guaranteed!

Pay once, use anywhere. All stock icon sets we offer are royalty-free.

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A huge collection of professionally designed interface icons covering a wide range of topics: from standard file management operations to social networking, from instant messaging to online payments and from content management to online dating. Each icon comes in several resolutions (from 16x16 to 256x256 pixels) and formats (PNG, GIF, BMP and ICO). With 3200 unique icon designs and 36150 icon images, this collection can be used for literally any kind of project. All the icons can be used immediately after the purchase.

Save your time and money and get all the icons immediately after order placement.

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This bundle includes the following icon sets:

 Basic Icons for Windows 7 - 186 icons

Basic Icons for Windows 7

 Windows Toolbar Icons - 281 icons

Windows Toolbar Icons

 Financial Icon Library- 290 icons

Financial Icon Library for Windows 7

 Network Icon Library- 372 icons

Network Icon Library for Windows 7

 Messenger Icons - 180 icons

Messenger Icons for Windows 7

 Large Icons - 306 icons

Large Icons for Windows 7

 People Icons - 359 icons

People Icons for Windows 7

 Travel Icon Set - 166 icons

Travel Icon Set

 Multimedia Icons - 309 icons

Multimedia Icons for Windows 7

 Business Icons - 201 icons

Business Icons for Windows 7

 Transport Icons - 116 icons

Transport Icons for Windows 7

 Medical Icons - 360 icons

Medical Icons for Windows 7

 Blog Icons - 74 icons

Blog Icons for Windows 7

 Smile Icon Set - 79 icons

Smile Icon Set

 Search Icon Library - 19 icons

Search Icon Library

 Military Icon Set - 103 icons

Military Icon Set

 Phone Icon Library - 147 icons

Phone Icon Library

 Love Icon Set - 67 icons

Love Icon Set
To place an order, simply fill in the online purchase form and the registration information detailing the use of the icons will be sent to you immediately via e-mail.
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Buy for $199.00 via Plimus

Should you Spend Money to Buy Vista Icons, Windows 7 Icons, Business Icons, Desktop Icons?

Here is a look at the benefits of purchasing various icons for vista such as business icons, desktop icons, Windows 7 icons and other vista icons and how they can help you to spruce up the image of your website and make your applications popular.

Microsoft's latest operating system is not only known for its incredibly stunning user interface but also its user-friendly layout and if you want your applications to reach the same level of finesse, you should consider purchasing icons for Vista. There are several sites that offer an assortment of desktop icons to suit your needs. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find the most eye catching Vista icons at affordable rate. Among the more common types of desktop icons are:

Business Icons: These are icons are particularly popular when included in applications and on websites; they will help you to reach the same level of excellence as the operating system and emulate its professional yet catchy look. Business icons are available in various popular formats and sizes; for instance, you could get icons sizes like 16x 16, 20x20 going up to 48x48. And you can also get 256x256 images that are particularly suited for Windows Vista. You not only get a choice when it comes to the icon sizes but you can also choose the file format that suits you the best; you can opt for GIF, PNG, BMP or ICO file formats. The icons are available in True Color and 256 colors and they can add a touch of class and professionalism to any site or application

Toolbar Icons: Other popular Vista icons include the toolbar icons that have garnered a lot of popularity. These icons are often the first impression creators of any website or application; it is no wonder then that most people are rushing to get their portfolio of toolbar icons. These icons are usually the first images that catch the visitor's attention so choosing the right symbol can make a world's difference to your website or application and will go a long way in delivering your message to your users. These tiny icons are also demonstrating the purpose of your application or website in a glance besides the aesthetic value of these icons for vista are unprecedented. These icons are available for all basic operations such as those required while surfing the internet and while using a specific application; they are available in a variety of sizes and formats which makes them very easy and convenient to use.

Transport Icons: The ever popular transport icons and basic Windows 7 icons are also a big hit with users. While the basic Windows 7 icons can be used just about anywhere to create an impression; the transport icons can spruce up the image of your website or application. These icons conform to various themes from air travel to a train journey and from a parachute to a bicycle; these icons have them all. Like the other icons mentioned above these are also available in a host of formats and sizes so that they can be used with ease. And you can get all of these for extremely affordable prices, is that a good deal or what?